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Contacts/Calendar/Tasks at Microsoft and their interaction with GoDaddy O365

Good day all, I've moved my domain email over to GoDaddy and so far, so good. I've always kept Contacts/Calendar/Tasks (CCT) at Micsosoft (  My client (Outlook 2016) syncs well there and I keep 2 accounts now on my many devices (GoDaddy for domain mail and MS for CCT).


Is there a best practice to follow for syncing these MS based CCTs to GoDaddy O365?  Will it be full sync as I have now? Do I discontinue using MS or will all devices play well with 2 Masters? 


Thanks for any advice.


Community Manager

Hi @edechols. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! As far as functionality goes, the service you'd get through GoDaddy should be very similar if not the same that you have with Microsoft. However, moving from one provider to the other can be tricky, since we actually utilize Microsoft's services. I'd recommend connecting with our Productivity team to go over any concerns you have and to get more information on how you would change providers. 


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