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Hi, tried to solve this issue on chat support 3 times to no avail.


I have one of my domains pointing to a shopify store (auto connected through shopify), and I want to use my cpanel hosting for email.


My mx records is set to mail.*.com. I can send the emails from the cpanel webmail client, but I get the following error when trying to reach my email address:


The response was:
DNS Error: 15925566 DNS type 'mx' lookup of *.com responded with code NOERROR 15925566 DNS type 'aaaa' lookup of mail.*.com. responded with code NXDOMAIN 15925566 DNS type 'a' lookup of mail.*.com. responded with code NXDOMAIN

Anyone had similar issues?



I actually managed to fix the problem for not receiving the emails, it was only a missing A record pointing to my cpanel IP.  So basically I now have two different A IPs, one pointing to my shopify store other to my local cpanel for emails.


Can't believe 3 support staff didn't think of this, when they also contacted the advanced support... and lead me in useless circles for the better half of the week.


Though I still have the issue for not being able to use IMAP for my email client, as the settings say I should use (not, but I think the problem is that my domain points to different IP (i.e. shopify)? Not sure. I will keep testing and let you guys know if I work it out..

Helper I

Yes I have.

I had multiple different MX errors.


I'm pasting below another post I did explain what I did to resolve my issues

I recently changed my email accounts from cPanel to workspace.

This caused major problems which remained uncorrected for days even after many international calls to GoDaddy involving huge cost.


Eventually I did the following:

  1. Deleted all the email accounts in Workspace
  2. Recreated them, this time using Unix strength passwords (Upper and loer case letters, Numbers, Special characters eg @#$%^ etc
  3. Deleted and then recreated the accounts in Outlook




Whether something I did actually corrected it, I don't know. Perhaps GoDaddy coincidentally fixed the underlying problem at the same time.

Anyway, if this just saves one other user the costs and frustrations I encountered then this message is worthwhile


Good luck