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Did GoDaddy make the old email not work so we are forced to pay?

For some reason my email just tanked. I log-in and go to answer my first email. But when I hit reply it wants me to log in. I just logged in a second ago. Now it does it for all replies, but won't send any emails. So much for the free email per domain I guess?

Is this happening to anyone else? Is online chat still available here? I only use Skype so good luck getting help from GoDaddy. They won't assist over email. 

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I don't know specifically what email you are using @ErinFinnigan but I can't see GoDaddy purposely making your email not work? There are some recent browser changes that might impact your experience? Do you have the and experience on each browser you use? 


Online chat support is still available but it is not 24/7 Depending on your time zone you can access chat support. 


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