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Disappearing emails?!?

Lately (withing the last 3 -4 months) I'll see an email come in to my inbox or get a notification on my phone, but then it disappears. I mean literally gone. It happens on my MacBook as well as my iPhone. I can open my mail client and watch it go from the top of my messages to gone. Is anyone having the issues? My email is due to expire in January and if I can't get it fixed I'll be forced to move my email someplace else.

Hi @jlb2112, Thanks for being a part of GoDaddy Community!


There are a few different reasons why messages sent to your inbox disappear after delivery. This can commonly happen if you have your email account setup on any email clients (your devices, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc). To be sure, check your webmail with the links below to see if you can find the messages there. If you can, your email clients may be the source of the issue. 


Workspace Webmail Login

Office365 Email Login


When checking the settings of your email clients, make sure your filter for your inbox is set to 'Unread.' This would cause an email in your inbox to no longer show after it's been delivered and read. If you've checked your filters and it's set to 'All,' you will want to see if you have any forwarding setup with this email.


If you have your GoDaddy email set to forward to another address, and not deliver a copy to the inbox, the message will make an appearance into the inbox briefly before redirecting itself to the destination email it's forwarding to.


Check For Forwarding


If this is not the case, make sure you have no rules set (commonly in Outlook) to redirect messages to another folder or policies to delete messages after a certain time period in a specific folder. If you do find any rules that you did not set yourself, please contact support immediately as this may be an indicator of a potential compromise. 


If none of these solutions apply, you may be setup on a "POP" account which may be causing your emails not to sync with your webmail. To upgrade to IMAP and Exchange plans, please call our 24/7 support team to assist you.





Ashley M. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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this is happening to us too. We have lost so many folders with the transfer. Have you had any response on this?

None other than yours. I downloaded Outlook for iOS to see if it's the Apple Mail app issue but it happened with Outlook this morning. That tells me it a server side issue.

ive seen alot of complaints about
outlook mail not remaining in the inbox, but i haven't seen any solutions.

I have emails randomly disappear too.  It's happened about four times int he last month.  I wondered if maybe I deleted them by accident, but they are not in my trash folder either.  

It's not you. I have literally watched them disappear from my inbox. I have witnessed probably 4-6 disappear but I know that others have vanished as well.

Hey @jlb2112@Deb1@claire,


Have any of you reached out to our live support to help review the email addresses where the messages have suddenly disappeared? It almost sounds like the messages were either recalled from the sender or could have been removed by mistake if the account was being accessed from multiple email clients at the same time. It might also just be a simple syncing issue which are support team should be able to quickly correct. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Recalled by sender or removed by mistake? Really? Did you not read above where I said I can literally watch them disappear? Ill contact support but was looking for a resolution here.

I'm thinking this is the dirty little secret about GoDaddy...we have had this happen multiple times and support is of no help, yet they know.   Even today I looked and had only 251 emails onlineand in oultook that must have been well over 5000.  WOW.  WTF GoDaddy!

We have been experiencing this issue with our email accounts. Just as jib2112 explained. Did anyone find a solution to this issue? Godaddy online support is offline much of the time they should have addressed this issue publicly in one of the threads other than assuming that we can easily get help for this over their online chat.

We have also been having this problem for the last few months, I would say I loss from my email client (Apple Mail) an email a day If I look at the email server with the Web Client the email is in the In-Box and once in a while the'll reappear in the Mac Mail Client , If anyone find's an answer to this problem please post.

I'm having this problem as well - I'm losing important emails from clients, right inside Webmail. I'll call GoDaddy about this and post anything I find out here.


Same thing here... disappearing emails -- some immediately, some over time.

I am experiencing disappearing items from my inbox as well. This includes test messages I send myself from a Gmail account: the email shows as unread on arrival; I click on and read the message; when I return to the inbox the message is not there. It has not moved to trash or any subfolder. When I do a text search for the content of the test message, the system does find the message, so they must be in the system somewhere. But the most-recent Inbox message goes all the way back to 02/28/17 for me.

Did anyone ever receive a fix to this? Its happening to me and GD support has no clue?

I thought I was crazy; I have had this happen as well.  I usually discover it when I go back and do a search for an e-mail and it is NOWHERE.  And it was there before; I absolutely know it was.  And it will not be there when I search.  I own a business and can't really change horses in the middle of the stream, but this needs to be fixed. 

I have been noticing it for months.  I thought it was a Thunderbird thing.  I leave them on the server until a manually delete the a couple times a week.  But this morning they even disappeared form the server after being downloaded to my phone and computer.

Today I watched an e-mail disappear from my Outlook "Sent items" folder. Never came back.  See my post:



Getting the same errors.  Not many emails were in my in box but they have all disappeared.

This problem started about 6 months ago for us.  It seemed to get better at one point and now it is getting worse again.  We have one account set up as an IMAP account.  We use a desktop, a macbook pro, an iPhone, and an iPad to access the email account.  Randomly emails will disappear from the inbox HOWEVER, the remain on the GoDaddy server because I can see them using webmail.  Sometimes it happens when I delete one and before my cursor even gets to the next one, the email disappears.  Sometimes I am reading the email and it disappears.  I was on the help desk for nearly an hour. They say it might have something to do with the size of my inbox.  I've heard that before...but fair enough, I have emails from 3 years ago still in my inbox.  So I will clean that up.  They also said I might need to rebuild my mailbox.  Haven't done either yet, so nothing to share.  


BTW, we run Mavericks on one computer and Sierra on the other.


Has anyone figured this out?

I did call Godaddy Support, the issue has been resolved by, changed POP to IMAP on the cell phone device. so now email are not Disappearing. 🙂