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Do I need GoDaddy e-mail mailbox to forward to address

I purchased a domain recently and my desire is just to be able to have an e-mail address that will forward to my address. I don't necessarily want to have a mailbox on godaddy I just want to have anything sent to to show up at Do I need to setup a godaddy mailbox to to make this happen? All the help articles talk about going to workspace email but I can't seem to get there and I suspect it is because I didn't purchase a godaddy email plan. I can do that if it is necessary but I didn't really want to since I am not really wanting a mailbox on godaddy.

Community Manager

Hi @snyderro. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It sounds like an email forwarding plan would work for you. Any time you register a domain name, you should get a credit that lets you set up as many as 100 forwarding email addresses. These just pass mail on from one address to another. They don't have an inbox and can't be used to send email. To set one up, please take a look at these instructions


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