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E-mail forwarding?

I purchased a domain a couple days ago and I have it set up to forward to another site. I'm being offered a sale price by godaddy for an e-mail address associated with that domain.


My question, can that e-mail address be forwarded to another e-mail account or will I have to log in here or use some other e-mail login system to access it?

Community Manager

Hi @SunnyDaze. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! We have a few different types of email plans. What you're referring to is probably an Office 365 email plan. You could use that to forward email to another address, but it would not be worth the expense. Instead, you should be able to just use the free forwarding email accounts that come with domain registration. This allows you to set up an address that only forwards mail on to another address, with no inbox on the GoDaddy side. However, with this type of address, you can not send mail. This article gives a good break down of the two. Hope that helps. 


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