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Email domain transfer

I recently sold my Shopify site - the domain was registered through Shopify when I purchased my ecommerce subscription with them, but I bought the domain email through GoDaddy. I've sorted the change in ownership of the domain and shop itself, but how do I change the ownership of the email? I only purchased a one month subscription with GoDaddy so do I just wait til the month runs out and tell the new owner to sign up with GoDaddy or..?

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Re: Email domain transfer

Since you've handed over the domain ownership to the other party, the onus is now on them to change the MX servers to reflect their email setup/provider.  


I would advise the new site owner to get on that, get their preferred provider settings in place to ensure a smooth flow from one service to the other.  Since they now have control over the domain, only they can make the appropriate changes in the DNS record to reflect the email provider of their choice.


HTH! 😉



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Transfer domain and email deleuxe plan

i want to change the owning of both Transfer domain and email deleuxe plan to another email account

what is the steps?

Change Email Domain Name

I did search the community for an answer to this question as I'm sure it's been answered before, but I didn't have any luck. I also apologize at the outset because this whole realm of tech is way above my pay grade, so my questions are probably going to sound very stupid.


Our company currently uses, but we want to change to We own both xyz and abc and both are at GoDaddy.


I know that I can edit each user's current email account to change the domain, but I'm very apprehensive as to what will happen when I do this. A GoDaddy rep has told me that things like calendars, OneDrive and plans created by these users in Planner, for example, will still be accessible just like normal. I just don't see how this is possible seeing how so much is tied to


Can anyone tell me if this is actually the best way to go from to, or is there some better way? What happens once I change someone's email from to Is this just a cosmetic thing, or is this more akin to destroying someone's email account and giving them an entirely new one?


Thank you in advance for your time.

Re: Change Email Domain Name

I have the same issue. Any response?

Re: Email domain transfer

I have talked with my website provider about moving my new email from go daddy to my website provider easy agent pro. They tell me that they would be glad to do this but they need "the DNS records" from go daddy. how do I find my DNS records? My website is and the email that I just set up is