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Email forwarding works but *sometimes* bounces

I have had a domain name through GoDaddy for several years, and have used the (free for up to 100 addresses) email forwarding option to define a few aliases for my family members and one primary email alias for myself.  Every so often I'll get a letter or text from a company (usually a bank/credit card/paypal) saying that they have been unable to send me email and are going to revert me to paper statements.  I have no way to know how many emails are bouncing or what error is occurring - generally I *do* receive email at that address so I'm kind of at a loss as to how to solve this.  Has anyone encountered similar?


Hello @RookieRick and welcome to the Community!


I apologize for the late welcome and response. Were you able to get this issue fixed and do you mind sharing how for other end users who may experience this issue?


If you were not able to get this issue fixed, I did complete research on how to assist you with this. Some end users had experienced this issue in the past like in this Community post and even though the questions was a little different, the solution suggested that the domain's MX records were not correctly setup to use the forwarding service. The solution also suggested that if you have another email service connected to your domain then it will not work.


Email forwarding credits are no longer included with purchase but existing credits can still be used. I am also including a help article for further troubleshooting if the Community post I shared was not helpful:


If you need further assistance, my best suggestion is to reach out to Support for an account review. Again I apologize for the delayed response and I hope you found this helpful with your issue.


GoDaddy Support is available 24/7 via phone or chat!

GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!