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Email to Legit Address Shows as Bounce to Clients

I just found out that this has happened since March!

Since March 2020, my clients have received a message that my emails bounce from a VALID godaddy email address, simply for having a duplicate automatically sent to an email address that godaddy disconnected in March.
Godaddy never mentioned that this would happen. I just found out today, July 16, 2020.
Godaddy neglected to tell me that a duplicate from my existing email––to an email address that they disconnected––would look like an email address bounce, just for having a "send a copy to" option entered in the VALID email's account.

Advice from a decades-long godaddy customer: check yours for this error to make sure your sent messages don't look like a bounce to others––unknown to you. 
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Good to know!

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
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