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Emails Delete on their own

HI All


I am having an issue with my webspace webmail.  A lot of my emails seem to have been deleted on the webmail but on my phone and computer where I have the accounts on as well the emails are still on there? Has anyone encountered this and if so is there a solution to either retrieve these emails or not let this happen again?

Also to add; my trash bin is empty.

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Re: Emails Delete on their own

Hi @jdivina,

read somewhere about an auto purge setting somewhere? Look into this.


Re: Emails Delete on their own

So Auto Purge is not on so I am not sure what is going on. 


Also I noticed that on my computer I have my godaddy email attached to my outlook. And on my outlook I created all these sub folders in it. All my emails are showing on my outlooks and so are my folders. But on my webmail it doesn't have any folders or any of my emails. On my outlook it says i Have like 800 emails but on my webmail it shows I have 7. On my phone it shows I have like 12 emails.


Not sure what is happening. Hoping someone can help. I also went into my outlook tried to mark all my messages as unread so that maybe it would pop up on my webmail and phone but it didn't work.


Any help would be great as I do not want to lose the 800 emails.


Re: Emails Delete on their own

has happened to me three times now.  auto purge not on.  Dirty little secret about GoDaddy.  DO NOT USE THEIR EMAIL SERVICES!!!