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Emails from one source not being received

One of our employees (in accounting) has been able to receive bank token (password change, authentication of action, etc) links until very recently.  The link is sent (to the correct email address) but never shows up on our end.  I have the bank trying to find a logfile from their end, but I'd like to be able to see a email acceptance/rejection log on our end.  I have scoured the CPanel and eMail Management portals, but I do not see any way to do it.


Is it possible to see email logs (especially rejections) in Godaddy's hosting environment?


Thanks in advance,

Patrick Ring

Helper II

Hello, based on my personal experience... you should check if you're pointing in correct destination go to MX records and check it. Let us now what is the result.

The MX records should be fine (set to whatever Godaddy's default is) as this is the only thing we seem to not be getting.  Every other source I have tested mail reception with is good.  Which is why I'd love it if there was a log file I could see to find out why the messages aren't arriving.

That's a handy tool, thank you.  But in this case, we are not receiving the email in question from the bank sending it.  So, I have nothing to base headers on.


We seem to be receiving email from every other source to every inbox properly except the specific (password request link) bank token email from the bank's email server.  We even receive emails from the private accounts of officers of that bank.  But not the password request.


I have a feeling that it is something to do with mail "sent on behalf of" since it is probably the webserver passing it off to a secure email server and the domain SPF records do not have a match.  For this to be confirmed, I need to see the SMTP receive logs for our account.  I can do this with other hosts that I work with, but I can't find a way to do it with Godaddy.


Currently we are working with the bank to scour their outbound logs to see if their SMTP server shows a disconnection or a bounce reply.


Thank you for any advice,

Patrick Ring