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Fax to email

I have been working with GoDaddy for nearly 17 years now and didn't know they had Fax services.  I have been using eFax, Phone, and others for their e-mail to fax services.  Has anyone used this service from GoDaddy, and if so, is it worth paying the high price they have on it?  Am I better off using my other choices?  


Also, I have my own dedicated server (I actually have about 25 around the world) and was wondering if someone knew how to set up a service like that?  Is it basically a PBX type set up or is it more advanced?  I can't find much information or research on this, so I was counting your replies! 

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Wow, I haven't sent a fax in years. I forgot that GoDaddy has Fax Through Email plans but that is a handy thing if you are a frequent faxer. Now I use my 800 number service provider and their fax via email but that is just because it is built into the 800 number package. As I said, I don't fax much but if I had to that is what I would use.

We have a couple of open source PBXs here that have the capability to fax. I don't know that I'd trust my business to an Asterisk box but depending on the need that might be worth a look? Let us know what you come up with.

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Please i need answer, why is the Godaddy  fax to email accept only United states fast. I'm having a problem now, I wanna send fax now to GERMANY and no way why?


Send a Fax

Step1: Enter the recipient's fax number. contains 10digits and if you wanna get it from Step 2: Select cover sheet. it will not work. can somebody give me directives

Hello @pcattrell.


Our Fax Through Email service works for United States and Canada fax numbers only. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.


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Are the faxes sent encrypted?



Do I need a go daddy email account to have the fax service?



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To answer the first question, yes. Faxes sent and received should be secured through this service. As for needing an email with us; not required, but you would be missing out on seamless integration features with our Workspace email accounts. 


If you'd like to learn a little more, check out features here


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