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Forwarding email outside G-D

I am continuously asked to refill an email account.  I have a number of domains but only one email address and clean and purge it of any large files, etc - but I continue to get warned.  I would simply prefer to use another account outside G-D but do not know how to forward.  Do I simply have to reply all inbound emails with an auto response: "please contact me @ ______" ?  Thanks.




Hi Jimmy,


Thanks for posting. If you prefer to use a personal email instead of one with your domain name, you can delete the email account and recreate it as a forwarding email address, this will not store any emails on the forwarding GoDaddy account but it will allow you to forward your messages to another email account. You can set up email forwarding by following the steps in this guide.  Or if you want to keep the inbox but have a copy of the emails sent to a personal account you can set up a cc by following these steps. Hope that helps! 



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