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Free Emails credits


I have the Unlimited business email product with around 20 email addresses.

I have 39 free credits in Email in Additional Products; what does that mean?

Please advise.

Thank you


Re: Free Emails credits

It sounds like you might also have a few free credits for the workspace email plan. 


Keep in mind if you choose to use those they are tied to other products like hosting/domain registration and the inbox size is limited compared to the unlimited plan you are also using. 

Mike L. | WebPro

Re: Free Emails credits

Hello and thank you for the reply but honestly I did not understand.

You mean I can redeem those Free email credits with existing email accounts?

Thank you


Re: Free Emails credits

Hey @joembeirut


I believe what @Amadeuslopezart was trying to explain is that you likely have free email credits that were awarded to you through the purchase of other services (generally hosting plans) which can be used to setup and manage email addresses associated with the domains being used on the same service the credits were issued for. 


Example: Let's say I have a hosting account for '' that also has free credits for Workspace email accounts. I can use that to setup addresses for just the domain being hosted. Later I decide to register '' and '', but I only add the latter to my existing hosting plan. I can now setup email addresses for '' but not '' as it's not hosted on the same plan that was awarded free credits. 


Keep in mind that these credits have limitations and functionality differences compared to our separately purchased hosting; as @Amadeuslopezart also mentioned. If you need more features, then a paid plan would likely be a better fit. 


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Re: Free Emails credits

  • I have a similar - maybe not the same - question. I have an unlimited business email account and and email-free hosting (100MB) US region accounts too, from domains hosted with GoDaddy. Functionally, what is the difference between the two if I download all the email off the server? I ask because when the unlimited plans had more email addresses included, I gave addresses to friends and family. I'd rather shift them to the free hosting email than pay extra, if there's effectively little difference.
    Thanks for your help

Re: Free Emails credits

I have the Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel with no email other than the basic email in CPanel.  What do these email credits mean to me.  Can I get Email hosting in addition to the Cpanel?