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Fwding, Dist. Groups and Rules won't send emails as set up?

We recently upgraded to 365.


We have a website that allows our customers to submit basic service requests to us. All of the email addresses on the website are pointed to one email-


I need all of the mail that goes to admin inbox, to be fwded to THREE other emails.


I've exasperated all of the options available and I'm not sure what to do:


If I use the fwding option, I can only send it to ONE other email. I ran tests and it will fwd to the address specified, but I need it to go to more than one other email.


I set up a distribution group with a technician over the phone, however, it would not work. STill would not send out emails. Tech said to give it up to 24 hrs and still nothing.


I also set up inbox rules to fwd any emails received to the THREE other emails. But still nothing is received.


I've done all of these in combination and singularly.


I'm at my wits end, I need the emails to be fwded  to the three other emails. It's part of our daily business practices.


Does anyone have any suggestions or resources?


I would really appreciate it.


I figured out this issue - The people your forwarding to need to be added as your contacts before rules or DG's will work. Woops. Newbie mistake I guess.