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GD Webmail is rejecting incoming emails

Why would webmail be rejecting all external messages regardless of user or content?

I created a support webmail account via CP and for some reason it is rejecting all incoming emails regardless of the messages content.

I can send login to the the webmail & send outgoing emails but it will not accept incoming mail of any type

It is returning this error that is sent back to the sender . I am very familiar with cpanel & hosting so this caught me off guard I'm wondering if its because I deselected 365 during setup is the only thing I can think of because I dont have an option when you create a webmail account the only options are limits but no security options unless I force via a php.ini gave this error:
Remote server returned authentication required to relay -> 550 Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client. ;;( []:12126 is not;permitted to relay through this server without authentication.




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I figured it out on my own....



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This email is saying that in order to send email you must be logged in.... For example in Outlook (or on your phone) there is the option to put in a user / password for the outbound server - that is what the error message is referring to...


What is strange with this message is it appears the server " "

is trying to relay via outlook - 


You refer to GoDaddy Webmail, cPanel and also 365 - So I'm a little confused which service(s) you are using as these are 3 different things


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Hi @akamolik,


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If you setup an email address on a cPanel plan, you'll need to be sure that the DNS of your domain is updated to have the necessary records in the zone file to receive the email. It sounds like the emails coming in are not finding the server. Please use these instructions to be sure that the domain's DNS is updated for the required records below.


(host) @ (points to)  Your account's IP address

(host) @ (points to)  Your account's IP address

CNAME  (host)  www  (points to)   @

MX (host) @ (points to) (priority) 0

[insert your actual domain for "]



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Just to be clear I did setup the email address via cPanel.



The error is being returned to the sender as a send failed, the sender is logged into his/her email account then sending a message to the support@mysite,com, I can send from the account and login no problem its just that incoming mails to support@mysite,com are not being directed to.

I am aware of the setting and did look at it but it appeared correct, I cant remember ever having to modify the DNS entries when both the domain & hosting were setup at the same time on GD. 

The only thing I can think of if that the SSL certificate is somehow interfering, I know they can be very temperamental, it use to be that having a SSL meant having a dedicated IP but this does not seem to be the case anymore so I don't know whats going on.


As for the earlier question asked the only reason I mentioned 365mail was because during setup of of the domain & hosting I was offered a free but unchecked it since I don't need it, my thought was perhaps the default mail setting was otherwise being processed by the 365mail server which I have never used which is another reason I unchecked it.

Another issue is that during testing of a member registration script I am building the outgoing activation messages are delayed, in some cases 10 minutes, this may not be directly related but I have not experienced delays with imap like that before so thought I would throw it in


Another wierd issue... All emails sent from the support webmail account are marked as junk by hotmail & gmail. while this is not a huge deal it looks unprofessional especially since I have a certificate to protect data and help reassure members I take security seriously.


Can I get a tech to look over the srv cfg and see what my issue is? Ill try resetting the DNS tonight & see what I can do but it looked fine to me but maybe resetting might fix


please let me know what to do if I cannot resolve... I need the working one way or another




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I figured it out on my own....



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