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Go Daddy Email on Android Device + Very Poor Go Daddy Customer Service

After struggling to get my webmail account added to 'Outlook' on my android device for quite some time, I finally called GoDaddy technical supprt. I've always received outstanding service before, and expected the same. The individual I spoke with 'Evan' was not exactly rude, but extremely unhelpful; a very different experience for all phone conversations I've had with GoDaddy in the past. He basically explained that the app I had used in the past to access this email account would no longer work because the technology (POP) was old. He was not willing to work with me on setting up my email access on my phone as I expected, and as is suggested on the GoDaddy help articles Instead, he suggested migrating my account over to Office 365, for an additional migration fee, as well as a new subscription fee to use this email service. Part of my agreement setting up my hosting initially was that email service would be included. Now, due to technological changes its becoming obsolete. I would expect that my account would be moved over to a working email service without a new/incremental charge. I am very dissatisfied with GoDaddy for the first time.


Now that I'm done venting, does anyone know how to get their GoDaddy webmail added to the Outlook email app for android. There is an entire article on the subject her on the GoDaddy site, but the information is not accurate( I followed all of these steps many times - triple checked my password - and was never able to get the app to access my account. 


Appreciate any further advice. I'm also curious is there is a channel to reach some sort of customer service assistance to escalate my issue and report the poor experience I had.