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GoDaddy SMTP relay will be SPAM when sent to Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo

Dear Support Team,

I'm using Godaddy SMTP relay "" setting up for Windows Server 2012 together with IIS SMTP Mail Server, It can work fine when sent to GoDaddy email account. but it will be come to SPAM/JUNK box when sent to any other provider such as Gmail, Hotmail etc.


How to solve this problem? please advise.


Thank you,






Hi @sysnap, thanks for posting.

I'm not certain what you are doing. The relay-hosting server can only be used when sending email from GoDaddy shared hosting plans, and "Windows Server 2012" doesn't describe one of GoDaddy's shared hosting plans. If you are trying to send email from another service or your local server, using this relay server will not work.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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If mailing from a hosted solution my mails are always been marked as junk - when I look at the headers I see:


Received-SPF: Fail ( domain xxxx does not
designate as permitted sender)


Any ideas?



Every email I sent to a gmail account ends up in spam, even if they have me in their contacts and have replied directly to my emails. There's something about how godaddy registers their emails that Google doesn't like. Please help!