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GoDaddy servers routinely have errors sending emails

Over that last several months sending emails has been problematic.  After creating my email and attempting to send, I sometimes get a message that the server does not support the encryption method I have configured. 


Sometimes there is no message at all.  The end result is that the message languishes in the outbox.  Sometimes, after recycling the send/receive function of Outlook, it then gets sent.  Sometimes, not.  Sometimes, after deleting the message in the outbox and then re-creating the email, it gets sent.  Sometimes not.


I expect that once my service end date is reached I will be migrating off GoDaddy.  There are less costly alternatives that have better service reputations.



I am also having the same issue. It has been about a week since we are working with GoDaddy support team but they haven't been able to fix it so far. First they told, everything is fine. then they said MX records need to be updated. they updated and asked us to wait for 48 hours. Now they say we need to wait another 1 hour because someone of them was able to find some error in email routing.


I am not sure if this will actually fix the issue.


Let me know if anyone has any idea how to fix it.Thanks,

Hello @SN123 ,


Thanks for reaching out about your record issue.  I'm sorry I didn't see your question sooner!  Has this issue now been resolved for you?  To benefit the members of the Community who may share the same  experience, please let us know how it was resolved.  Happy Weekend! 😊

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Hi @forzasteve and @SN123. Thanks for posting. It's hard to say for sure what is happening in your situation. There are a few things I would recommend sharing if you'd like to get help from the Community:

  • The domain name you're sending from
  • The email service you're using (Workspace Email, cPanel email, Office 365, etc.)
  • Screenshots of the email client settings you're using
  • The email client you're using

If you can provide that information, it may help others offer suggestions on how you can move forward. 


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All of your suggestions are basically fluff.  But, I will share ...

  • It happens with several domains.  All domains on same shared server.  Errors occur intermittently
  • I am using Outlook on the PC.  I use POP3 protocol with SSL security.

The problem is documented with other users experiencing similar symptoms.  The problem is obviously with GoDaddy's servers or setup.  I know that if I were to use IMAP, it would resolve ... but I do not want to use IMAP, so that is not an option. 


With all these issues I am having with email plus the high cost of GoDaddy's hosting service, my solution is far simpler ... just move to another hosting service.



Hi @forzasteve ,


You seem like a do-it-yourself guy.  Before making a big move, I recommend using YouTube to search for " configure pop3 email with SSL".  I found some good information that may solve your issue .   Hope that works! 😊

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I am having the same problem with 2 users.  I have been working on this problem for several weeks.  The users are experiencing password issues - having to enter their email password all day long, and not able to send or receive emails.  Other days, it works just fine.  We're using Outlook 365 desktop with POP accounts.  I have a list running of what I've done, including scanpst, outlook.exe /safe mode, create a new profile, etc, etc, etc.  I am at my wits end and have run out of ideas to try. Other users, including myself, are working fine with the same server parameters.  I called TS and they were less than helpful, telling me that if the emails were making it to their webmail accounts, then it was my problem with Outlook.  Come on GoDaddy!  Many of us are having the same problem - so maybe there's a problem on your end.

Hi @spaulsen ,


I'm sorry I missed your response.  Thank you becoming part of the Community.  Please understand that that our scope, which essentially is our ability, to do anything related to Outlook is limited for various reasons.  However, Microsoft Support and YouTube do offer several bug fixes and solutions, respectively.  I truly hope you find the solution, and please come back to share how you fixed it in order to help your fellow Community members.  Have a good weekend ! 😊

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