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Godaddy blocking emails sent from certain mail servers...



We have an issue where a client can receive our emails, but gets a failure when sending to us.  There IT department stated that they see "godaddy is blocking connections from TrendMicro email servers".


the error generated is:

#< #5.7.4 X-Postfix; TLS is required, but was not offered by host


I spoke with a Godaddy rep on phone and they said "problem is on their end, there TLS is configured wrong"


The client IT states that the problem in on our (godaddys end).


Can someone tell me the source of the TLS error from Godaddy and a possible solution?  Why would Godadddy block TrendMicro servers?






Community Manager

Hi, @mrpush. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


I'm not aware of any way we would be blocking TredMicro or TLS connections. If you visit this website, you can test your email address to double check this. If you look at the details after the test runs, you should see that TLS is support for all connections. If you don't, then please bring that information to our support team so they can look into what's going on. Hopefully, that will help you in getting this worked through with your client's email provider. If you find a solution, please follow up on this post so others can benefit from your experience!


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Thanks for the reply.  I actually did already run this TLS test, which passed, and also did A and MX record tests and passed this on to them.  I also suggested to them that there is a possibility that they have a firewall blocking TLS ports or such.  No solution yet.  This is the SECOND client that is now having problems sending us emails.  And guess what?  They also use the TrendMicro HES system.


If you have any other suggestions, let me know.