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How To Separate My Business Outlook From My Godaddy Account

I originally purchased a business email account with Godaddy. It worked well for me for awhile, however now that I am hiring a team to work for me, I do not want them to have to login through Godaddy to get to their business email. It seems unprofessional. How can I set things up so that my employees can log into their company email via Thanks


Hi @zari1000 !


Do you have our Workspace email or are you using Office 365 provided from us?


- Tyler

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Hi Tyler,


Thanks for responding so quickly 🙂 I have Office 365 through Godaddy.


Hi @zari1000 , 


I just happened upon on your question and had read it a few times times to make sure I understand what you're looking for.  My apologies for the late response too!  However, if you want your employees to use Outlook to access their O365 email, this just involves a simple set up, depending on what device they access Outlook on.  I will post the link below.   But, setting up a custom sign-in page with your company logo and name, for example, is an item I'm researching at the moment.  


Thank you for being a loyal Godaddy customer, and here is the link: 

Outlook help .  In the search box type "Set up Office 365 on _______" 

Please fill in whatever device your employee is using.  If this solves your first request, please let us know. 😊


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Hello @zari1000, welcome to the Community, and congratulations on expanding your business!


In regards to your question, I was able to locate a help guide with several options you are looking for:


Here is an excerpt from the article that might be the solution that best matches your business needs:


You can also create a custom email sign-in page, which uses your email's domain name to sign in directly. For example, if your domain is "," your custom email sign-in page would be ""


I hope you found this helpful and again congratulations on expanding your business!


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How can I create the custom sign on page? I entered email.(my company webpage).com and it just brought me to Godaddy 365 login page 😕