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How do I delete emails from server in Office 2016 IMAP?

I tried several times and googled and you tube for the answer but I can't find a solution.
Previous editions of email were simple as "delete from server" check box.
Is there a check box somewhere? 
I have a personal office 365 account, IMAP email but the emails stay on godaddy server unless I move them. 
Its annoying


Hi @dan1974,


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See if these instructions will work for your Outlook version. 


  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click the File tab > Account settings Account settings.
  3. Highlight your current IMAP account and click Change.
    Note: The window that opens will tell you what type of email account you have. (Look under Type.)
  4. Choose More settings and click on Advanced.
  5. You should see a check box titled: Leave a copy of messages on the server.
  6. Unchecking the box will move them off the server when "called" by the email client.
Note: Enabling Leave a copy of the message on the server will allow you to access your email from multiple computers.
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There isn’t any
More settings
Advanced settings
It goes to reset mail settings page

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