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How do I turn off the GoDaddy spam filter for a "Catch All" account?

As per this marketing piece about a GoDaddy  "catch all" email account:


"A catch-all email account is an address that is specified to receive all messages that are addressed to an incorrect email address for a domain."


Over the past two years I've found that I'm receiving fewer and fewer emails sent to my "catch all" accounts.


I've checked settings and see no indication of a spam filter being on. It --should-- be coming through, right? It says in the document above that ALL messages are sent to this catch all account, right?


I did a little search and found this from nearly 10 years ago:


Is this true? My catch all accounts have a spam filter?



If this is true, how do I turn this off?


And, yes, if this can't be turned off, I will move all 35 of my domains.


Hi @TimRutherford, thanks for posting.

If an email is rejected or not delivered for any reason, the sender of the email would have received a bounceback email. Without a bounceback, it's nearly impossible to determine why an email might not have been received. I suggest getting a bounceback and then calling Support to investigate.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status


I receive --some-- of the email sent to this domain and have no idea what I do not receive. It's kinda built into the problem--if I don't receive it, how do I know that I didn't receive it?

I've never ever had an issue with someone sending a direct email to me. Never. I can send test emails from different accounts all day long, and they all go through.

Some emails come through no problem. Others, I never receive. As an example, emails from Kohls NEVER come through. Emails from Ticketmaster, as another example, sometimes come through.
I have no way of contacting Kohls or Ticketmaster and asking them to send me the "bounceback" email.
Just this week Facebook gave me an automated message that said that they received a "bounceback" email and could no longer contact me at the email address I've used on Facebook for 10 years. Should I ask Facebook to send me the "bounceback" email?
Let's be realistic, none of these companies will be going through their emails finding GoDaddy's bounceback email for my account.

More importantly, why/how is a "bounceback email" being sent?
I have asked for ZERO spam filter. Who is filtering, and how do I turn it off?
A "bounceback" email sent to support is not possible. And, even if it was, an explanation for why it was bounced back is not what I want. I want GoDaddy to STOP filtering my email. I'm a big boy, I can sort my own spam, thank you.