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How to insert an image into a godaddy email message?

Hi - anyone know how to insert an image (such as a jpeg, a snip or screen shot for example) into the body of an email message? Works fine in Gmail but cannot in the Godaddy compose window.

Many thanks!


Hello @BobB and welcome to the Community!


I apologize for the late welcome and response. Were you able to get this issue fixed and do you mind sharing how for other end users who may experience this issue?


If you were not able to fix this issue, I would be happy to help. Are you referring to your Email Marketing included with Websites + Marketing or an email service such as Office 365?


Again I do apologize for the delayed response and I hope you have a wonderful day.

GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!

Hi - no problem about a late reply
To your question:
If you were not able to fix this issue, I would be happy to help. Are you referring to your Email Marketing included with Websites + Marketing or an email service such as Office 365?
They are the email included with my Godaddy services, nothing connected with Office 365 at all.
Actually no, I have not been able to solve this and as such I have to create a message in gmail, paste images etc then forward to my Godaddy address which is quite an annoyance. I have 2 addresses @Godaddy - and bob
What may you have found to solve this? It seems like somewhat of a no-brainer but nothing seems to work.
Would appreciate your support to figure this out once and for all
Thanks in advance,

Hi @BobB,


I am assuming here that you are using a workspace email program in webmail. If you are using a 3rd-party client (like Outlook or AppleMail) you'll need to follow their instructions for adding a picture. If you are using webmail, you only need to copy the picture from its source, then paste it into the email you're composing.


If the picture is in your local files, just open it in a paint program or a new browser window and copy the picture. If you've opened it in a browser window, right click to copy the image. Then paste it into your email text where you want it. This should work in both "classic view" and "updated view" in the webmail. This will act as an attachment and can't be over 20MB in size.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
Supporting you at

Thanks @TLH but it still does not work - followed your instructions perfectly (I believe)
Please follow along:
1) I am using the normal Godaddy Workspace program
2 Updated view
3) I open a compose window by clicking on 'Compose' and an empty email compose window opens
4) I go to my desktop and select a jpeg image for example, right click it - select copy
5) I return to the compose window - place the cursor in the body - do a right click again and the paste function is not bold so it will not paste, same with using control 'v'
Of course I can add an attachment but that is not what I want to do - I simply want to paste an image in the body of an email message
Any other ideas? This has never worked with the Godaddy workspace
Is there something I have not enabled?