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How to move existing messages from one Workspace email to another Workspace email

I have multiple email addresses.  I'd like to move email messages from one email address to another of the email address.




To move messages, you have to backup your email messages first using an email client like Outlook. You will then want to import them into the inbox of the other email address. Check out these instructions: 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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The link provide is broken.  It goes to an "Oops... " page.


Hey @jzachman!


Sorry about that. Give this link a try:


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Will using this method (Outlook to download to a file that then gets imported into another Outlook-linked email account) "push" the emails onto GoDaddy's server?


So in another way:

I want to move my emails from my .com email accounts to my new .org emails.  If I use this method and one of my staff accesses the .org email from the web interface (NOT using Outlook), will they see the emails I 'upload' into the .org account that I restored using Outlook?


Dear Sirs,



I create a new account and shift one of my domain from old account to a new one

and i have some mails related to domain i shifted

so i want to shift also these mails


i try to delete mails from old account and create them in my new account


but when i create it 

this message appear : 

  • The email address (mail) is not available for use at this time.

what can i do to resolve this problem ?

please help

How to do an Acct Change...for professional GD email?


I want to move my client's 2 GD email addresses in my GD my client's newly set-up GD acct.




I think that you are going transfer all the date in existing customer


If yes please go to account change option