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I cannot send email from ANYWHERE other than the workspace...

It`s getting really annoying as well. A few months ago, I reported some spam emails that were passing through my email (mesages from "someone to someone" with MY addy as the sender`s addy, and containing links to crap,No I didn`t open em in my computers!)....A few days later I realized that I can no longer send emails from any computer or device other than by going to the workspace email page, where it all works great. Checking to see if my outgoing settings were correctly filled in on all devices(they are), I received a message bar on my Kindle declaring a 535 restriction code.I do not see this on any other device, they merely shunt my attempted email to the out box, and refuse to send them at all.The kindle does give me the message that email cannot be sent because it cannot connect to the server. Across all Platforms (3 Pc`s a kindle fire HD, and an iphone x) I can recieve emails perfectly, but NOT send without going to the internet! I have The workspace log in bookmarked, and it`s quick to get there, but VERY annoying to have to do so. Both the tablet and phone also have my Gmail acct linked and that acct works both coming and going, so the issue is definitely THIS domain. I chatted on line with support for a good long time last week, and they seemed as flummoxed as I, even going to consult a higher level tech supprt. I submitted screen shots of the issue, to no avail. Support suggested changing my acct password, or worse case scenario....Removing the acct. and doing it over.....Uh, NO. I have given out a few thousand cards with my email as it is, and am not risking having that messed up. If there is no solution to fix this issue I`ll most likely leave it broken at least for the time being.....Any idea what`s going on?   Oh, and in an unrelated note, my iphone hates the updated view format, I prefer the regular new page for replies format too, so I`m just leaving it set there.....

Community Manager

HI @Prism-1. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I can understand how that would be frustrating. In order to facilitate others in the Community to help, I'd suggest providing at least the domain you're using for your email addresses. It will also be helpful if you can provide the screenshots you mentioned here as well as screenshots of the settings you're using in your email client. That seems to be the most likely place to start since support wasn't able to find an issue with your account. Also, in regard to removing and adding your addresses again, this means from your device, not from GoDaddy. Sometimes it's helpful to remove the address from the client you're using and set it up afresh. 


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