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MX Error...why is that

I currently have Godaddy free email which i have the above issue on, and another paid email from GoDaddy which i am using it via Outlook 365 by Microsoft, and its working fine.


The question is why do I get MX error for the free one? I read the explanation, but I am not able to figure out what to do next? I am simply planning to add it to my Outlook 365, so I wanna have both emails on my laptop and iphone....

what am i suppose to do? and what option shall i choose from the below?


1- Leave my email settings as they are and delete my Workspace email.
2- Reconfigure my MX records to use Workspace email.

Hello @bfarhan!


That sounds like you're trying to use the same domain for Workspace Email as you're using for Office 365 email. That is the reason for your error. You can only have one set of MX records for your domain. If you are using O365, you'd need to use it for all of your emails. That's most likely the reason for your MX error.


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we bought paid email service from Godaddy and using with office 365..  But We need some generic emails like, for which we cant go for paid emails.. it this case what we have to do create free emails.

If you're using Workspace Email, you need to use a Unix secure password. Although you won't get an error when creating the email, you'll get a generic response from the server that manifests as MX Error. When creating the new email address, be sure to use a capital letter, two numbers, and a special character. Once the email propagates through the system, you can then go back and change the password to a non Unix secured password, such as no capital letters, or only one number. You also may need to click on Server Settings and enable Easy Outlook Setup in order for the insecure password change to be accepted.

That worked IMMEDIATELY for me. A complex password was what I needed to use. Because I was making accounts for other users, sales reps... I was using non-complex passwords for their accounts. But MX record failure disappeared immediately after making a complex password.


Hi, I have used the Workspace Control Panel to create a forwarding mail accounts for two of my websites. I am using Digital Ocean's DNS Servers, and in those servers I have added these records:

@, 10,
@, 0,

The problem is that when I open the Workspace Control Panel I get

"MX Error: Learn More >> | Retry MX." message.

I click on "Learn More", then on "You can verify your MX record settings" where I am presented with a panel telling me that my MX settings are correct.

However, mail forwarding does not work (it used to work, in the past, however).

What am I doing wrong?



Hi xpanta, I am having the same problem and have not found any solution unfortunately..

Having the same problem and no one can seem to tell me why!