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Office 365 Admin Center

When I try to go to the admin center for office 365 it redirects me to GoDaddy. I have a question about Bookings and PowerPoint and the GoDaddy team aren't able to to answer those questions.


Hello @searstd0 and welcome to the Community!


You mentioned that when you try to go to the admin center, it redirects you to GoDaddy, now does it take you to a login page, your products page, or the GoDaddy home page? If you have admin access to the Office 365, you can access the admin center in one of two ways:

  • Email account owners

1. Go to your Email & Office Dashboard.

2. Enter your GoDaddy username (or customer #) and password.

3. Select Sign in.

  • As a GoDaddy account owner, you can also access your Email & Office Dashboard from the My Products page when you're signed in.


Here is a link that is a GoDaddy Help Article that includes more information about everything associated with Office 365 Business Premium App's like Bookings and more:


That help article also includes links to Office 365 Help Articles for more detailed information about the product.

Hi there, this seems to take me to the GoDaddy admin center not the Microsoft One. Is there another method?

Community Manager

Hi @searstd0. For the 365 accounts you have with GoDaddy, you would not be able to access the Office Admin Center or OAC. This has to do with the type of platform our customers have been on. You can find out more information in this post. My understanding is that we hope to give customers access to the OAC instead of our admin panels by the end of the year. However, most admin functions can be used via one of our panels. If you have further questions about Bookings and PowerPoint, feel free to ask them here. 


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So, I'd like to be able to require and accept payments on Microsoft Bookings, and my version of Office 365 is supplied by GoDaddy.  Does this answer mean I will be unable to require and accept payments?

One of our employees is unable to sign up for bookings, he keeps getting an error the request can't be completed right now. How do I fix that?MicrosoftTeams-image.png

I’m sorry but this is really unclear. Can we or can’t we use Microsoft Bookings? I’m really confused. If yes, great, how? If no, why not?