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Office 365, Bluehost, and Contact Form 7

I currently have my DNS records with GoDaddy as well as an Office 365 account. Godaddy points to BlueHost with an "a record." 


On bluehost I set up a throw away email using the domain I have with godaddy in order to set up Contact Form 7 using Easy WP SMTP. So far so good. The email works and sends to every other email address EXCEPT my GoDaddy 365 email. I'm assuming because it is the same domain, but set up on BlueHost? Is there any way I can fix this? The email works with all emails but the one I want it to work with. Thanks.



DNS: GoDaddy

Office 365: GoDaddy (

Hosting: BlueHost

Extra email: BlueHost (


Four days later and I still don't have this working, any shred of help would be appreciated. Even if it was just a general direction. Thanks again.

@Jinchu - this looks like something that you should contact GoDaddy support to help with as it seems unique to your setup.