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Office 365 Mobile App Issue- Reloading Old Messages

Has anyone else experienced problems in the last 2 weeks with Office Mobile?  We have 2 godaddy email accounts that we use Office for on our iphone and they are acting keeps reloading old messages, saying message cannot be found.  I wish we could go back to the godaddy app for webmail on the iphone. 


I would recommend removing your account and uninstalling/reinstalling the app. sometimes I've found that after an update, certain apps can give people a hard time, but those problems almost always go away if you uninstall/reinstall the app.

It's not about the app, this has been going on for some time now in one of my accounts. I used Mailbird which was completely unable to cope with the problem. Now switched to Thunderbird and deleting messages fails, sometimes new messages won't appear, but then later they do, or first appear, then disappear for some random amount of time and then re-appear.


I've had this problem before but the reason why it happens can differ. I'm assuming you have GoDaddy Workspace email, is that correct?


If so, do you have POP settings enabled? or IMAP?


Here are some screenshots to help you find out if you have IMAP capabilities:Workspace-EmailSetUpCenter.pngEmailSetUp-POPorIMAP.png

If you see both POP and IMAP listed as possible settings, then I would take a look and see what settings the email client your using has. (I would recommend IMAP settings)

using pop and it has always worked on the iphone perfectly. Just the past few months it keeps reloading emails from the past few weeks over and over

I have same issue on all GoDaddy email accounts - can anyone provide some insight on how to stop it? This has worked flawlessly until about 4 months ago. Even on an iPhoneX it is now happening.