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Office365 Outlook Requires Login Over and Over

I have had a recurring problem with my email account on GoDaddy. I have spoken with GoDaddy support twice about this and he/she tries to be helpful, but nothing works.

My email account is an Office 365 email account. I have an account with 4 other email users who DO NOT have this problem -- probably because they are not using Office 365 (2016-based) Outlook. I have the SAME problem in two different locations on separate machines. The problem is that it forgets my password, and then will not accept it repeatedly. Sometimes, if I enter it a dozen times, it finally takes. Sometimes, I can't log in all day. I am a professional software engineer with an MS and computer science, a PhD and was formerly a Computer Science professor, so this is not the problems of some amateur. I have found that usually if I just log into my GoDaddy account and change the email password for my account (jbahr), it fixes the problem instantly -- but it occurs later, sometimes the next day, sometimes after a week or two. Yes, I have updated Outlook and all Office365. Yes, I have run Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant. This has been going on for months and it's REALLY annoying. I run a business and depend upon email and get 100 emails a day and more and can't just change to another email address or constantly change passwords.

To repeat, NO OTHER of my GoDaddy email accounts have this problem, but they are not using Office365 Outlook. I find it hard to believe that I am the only one of your many thousands (millions?) of users that has this problem.

Any help for this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Sir, I thought I was the only one with this problem because I have a
lot to learn about the Business But I see that there is a problem I am
constantly changing passwords and not having much success with go
daddy's email.
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I actually bought the portion of outlook 2016 and installed it on my computer and no issues logging in with the bought license.  But I do notice that if I try and log on directly from GoDaddy it asks for me credentials every time and asks my computer every time if I allow the changes to be made.  So now I log in directly on my desktop instead of going through GoDaddy.  Also have it installed on my cell phone but drop down list of where emails are located is a bit confusing there because in the inbox it has a sub folder for nortons anti soam there and some of the folders appear twice on phone.

Try getting outlook as a stand alone and it just might solve your issue

I have this same problem.  I can't find an answer anywhere.