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Outgoing emails not being received and no notification

We have one hosting service and 2 separate domains through go daddy, for which I have set up emails. I use Thunderbird for email software. Just recently, over the past couple of weeks, we have had multiple clients tell us emails are not getting through to them. We have no bounceback, delivery or read notifications. They have checked spam/junk files and not there either.  Other emails are getting through fine so it's hit and miss. Any help or suggestions appreciated.


Whenever we send emails, it goes to our mail server, which is hosted on


eg. if your email id is then the mail server will be


Similarly, your recipient also has his email id and his mail server.


Typically, when you send your emails, it goes to your mail server then to your recipients mail server and then received by your recipients.


Now, some of your recipient mail server providers are registered with antispammers.  so before reaching your email to your recipient it reaches to the antispammers, a mediator, which checks for the black listing of IP address of your mail server.


Since hosting services are shared services single IP address (used by your domain) is used by 100s of websites.  Those IP address is being used for bulk email marketing purpose by other domains.  So this IP address gets blocked by antispamming sites.  That's the reason your emails are not received by your clients or intercepts.



Only one solution is to change your domain IP address which should not be registered with antispammers.  Whether it should be with Godaddy or any other solution providers.


You can check for your domain or IP address on following links:



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Hi @Anthea, Thanks for being a part of GoDaddy Community!


Since this only happening on some of your messages you're sending are not being delivered with no notification or bounce backs, it sounds like a block of some sort specific to your account. Try sending these messages through your webmail (login links below).


Workspace Login

Office365 Login


If you can send through webmail and the recipients receive the messages successfully, we can determine if that it's a "client-based" block – in other words, blocked from sending anywhere other than your webmail (IE, Thunderbird, mobile devices, Outlook, etc.). As there are various forms of blocks, I recommend contacting our 24/7 support team so we can access your account and assist you properly.  


Ashley M. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support Available at 480-505-8877

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Hello @Anthea!


Welcome to our community! That's a tough one. My suggestion would be reaching out to our support team on this. They can check the server to see if the emails are going out at all.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

I am having the same problem with certain customers. This is getting very awkward. I am told they are not showing up anywhere in their SPAM folders.

Quite a number are getting through, but a number of key customers are not receiving my emails, so I am having to use my private gmail to contact them.

I have just set up several email forwarding options.  All forwarding to gmail and Hotmail accounts "disappears" but forwarding to another account eg works fine.


Can/will this be corrected soon?  

Hi @Heather,


I have the same problems as @Anthea and I did try speaking to GoDaddy Support. I am sorry to say that my call was not handled by a competent person and he kept on asking the same questions. He also said that technical support people were unavailable when I called. I do not understand why 24/7 support is assured but provided by incompetent staff. I am beginning to realize that GoDaddy is yet to acknowledge the existence of this problem, from so many others' posts on the same issue. Can you please advise the best way out of this genuine problem? Thanks for understanding.


With thanks & regards,


Hello there Vijay @drjvvr!


Thank you for posting! Our mission at GoDaddy is that you have the very best experience with us every single contact and I'm sorry if you experienced anything but. My suggestion here would be contacting support again. This community is not a method for reaching or lodging complaints about experiences with support. Thank you for understanding.



Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Hello Heather,


Thank you for your response. I do agree that this Community is not the right place to complain. But, what should I do if my multiple attempts to contact to the GoDaddy support centre do not resolve my issue? The support agent answering my call either has no capability to understand the issue I am trying to report or denies the very existence of the issue. In one instance, the support staff said "the tech support guys are not available at the moment". I do not know how a member of the support staff can say this, as I believe that we are calling GoDaddy support to speak to experts who can help us with the issue and not to speak to a technology novice who is as good as us. Is there a way to escalate this issue? Sorry if I sound unpleasant; but my GoDaddy experience is definitely so 😞


With thanks & regards,


Hi, Unfortunately this problem is NOT solved. I have contacted support a couple of times - first time was hopeless, second was more willing to assist, but told technical team were aware of the issue and were working on it (and obviously not isolated to us!). So now we are looking at moving all our hosting, domains, etc to another provider as businesses can not afford for their customers to think we aren't providing a service - they will go elsewhere, which is what we will have to do also.

I agree, @Anthea! I do not think it is right on GoDaddy's part to say that a problem is solved just by directing the customer to contact GoDaddy Support, which they would anyway do. The only positive news I have perceived after participating in this forum is that I am not alone with this issue.


@Heather & @CG, I hope you could help customers like us who trust GoDaddy a lot. We have entrusted you with the responsibility of managing our e-mail system so that we can concentrate on our core business without worrying about anything else. I hope GoDaddy would realise this fact.


With thanks & regards,


I'm having the same issue here, lots of my company emails are not being delivered. From the responses here, i wonder If I should still contact support or start looking elsewhere for a better webhosting.

Hi, I have been having the same problem I have been troubleshooting this with a clients IT Consultant to try to get this resolved but we have just concluded that that problem is GoDaddy. I can not afford for my customers not to receive important emails while I am totally unaware of them not receiving it. I haven't contacted support yet because I know how they just like to put it off on the recipient of the email but it can't possibly be since the same recipient receives emails at times and other times they don't. Also its not just one customer that I have this problem with, it is multiple customers and very random. The only solution I see from this thread is to search for other options in web hosting. 

I've just been on the phone for over an hour trying to solve this issue with GoDaddy tech support, only to be told it's because of the spam settings of the people I'm sending to or because of my individual ISP and GoDaddy can't help.


I've used multiple ISP's as I work mobile, so that can't be the issue. I've also sent emails to these people before and it's worked fine, so it can't be their spam settings.


I'm trying to run a business here, and this makes me look unprofessional.

Have you checked blacklists? I just did, my non ssl was clean, but the ssl/tls server was blacklisted causing me to be rejected. I'm currently on hold to discuss my findings with tech support.  


We are experiencing the same problem.  

I'm having the same issue and I'm getting nowhere with GoDaddy.


Can anybody help??

same been happening to me, turned out that the server godaddy use for my email is is some blacklists so some providers just bin your emails instantly as spam so the recipients never get them.

I also spent days (literally) on the phone and on chat with GoDaddy support.  In the end, it appears that they are being blocked for spam and that the IP Addresses are being redirected in some way that is flagging our accounts as potential threats.  I basically came to the conclusion that my only option is to find some other email host that can house my Domain

@stagg100 wrote:

I'm having the same issue and I'm getting nowhere with GoDaddy.


Can anybody help??


I have the same issue and I am offended that godaddy has marked this issue as solved.


Here is the problem and the solution:

I have two domains with godaddy.  I found some of my emails were ending up in spam folders, and some emails were not being delivered.  I spoke with godaddy support a few times and the told me this is "the other companies problem" according to their logs emails was delivered and I should be referring to the other companies admins.

So... I tested this.

I opened two new email accounts, one and one

Hmm guess what, one email's domain was going to the "junk folder" the other was not showing up at all.  So I contacted godaddy again and there response is "we do not support other servers", they told me I could and an exclusion in hotmail/outlook to allow email to go thru.

Unfortunately this is NOT a solution.  I can not give a piece of paper to every customer I have to tell them how to "add" me to there email.

To date: godaddy will not open another email account on any other server to test this, godaddy says their servers are not being blacklisted, godaddy support team says as long as email leaves their servers and goes to other servers it is not their problem.


HERE is the solution:

Godaddy must monitor it's blacklist, must add exceptions (whitelist) to ATLEAST the most popular servers, they must stop spamers from using godaddy servers, and close any open relays.  I told the godaddy support staff how to test this (they refuse as it is against company policy)


As a former Exchange Admin, I explained this to godaddy support.  To date this problem still exists and I have asked Management to contact me.




I am also having the same issue. Customers are not getting my reply to their inquiries.

i have the same problem, i can send emails directly which do arrive at the recipient.

but when i reply to a received email it does not get delivered.


any suggestions ?







This is also happening to our account.  We are even experiencing issues with past clients who had no problem receiving emails before now not receiving our emails.  I am able to receive their emails but they are not able to receive mine.  GoDaddy, support has yet to be helpful as they are insisting there isn't a problem but this post and my current experience seems to say otherwise.  Please respond with some positive action that can be taken to resolve this matter. 


Lori Gonzalez