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Outlook 2007 Account and e-mails deleted when running the Go Daddy Outlook setup assistant



I recently created a Go Daddy account. After running the Outlook setup assistant my new e-mail account was created.


However, I found that my previous e-mail accounts and e-mails that I had downloaded from the server had been deleted. Is there any way to recover these? 


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @Bobuh,


I'm sorry to hear about what's happened.  If the other profiles you had were local (and not connected to an account), there may not be a way to recover, at least not that I know of.  You may want to check and see if you had created a .PST file prior to when you made the change.


You may also want to search the Microsoft forums to determine if they might have a fix we aren't aware of.


Hope this helps.


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the same thing happed to me and all i had to do was re-add my gmail account settings to outlook and everything was still there. hope that helps. 



Same happened to me and I had Outlook as well (subscription started Sept 2016). I have been unable to even sign into my original Outlook, sign in keeps reverting to Go Daddy. It has completely taken over that account ! I can't add my personal and other work email address onto the new Office365 at all. The support guy said it is possible, even Microsoft is telling me that I am unable to "buy" new products because Go Daddy has control !!! Not happy. I was not warned of this happening

I just did the same thing (added a new email account) and it removed my original email accounts.  I was able to recover and set up the original email accounts, BUT all of my contacts are gone and I am unable to figure out how to recover them.  I am sure they are saved somewhere (I hope) in a file...

Can anyone tell me how to recover my contacts that were associated with my original email account?



 The setup wizard would of setup a new profile.  You can check this by using the steps in the following article: Switch to another Outlook email profile

thanks for the tip.  It worked and recovered all my old accounts, emails and contacts.  Go Daddy is a complete piece of crap.  No help, bad customer service, and just plain lame.  I have 5 domains and 25 email accounts, and I am going to work at changing it all away from go daddy.  Garbage

Yes- this is a huge failure on Go Daddy's part to not warn you your entire email account will be removed including contacts etc. I was lucky and had a backup a few months old for my contacts and most of emails remained on the server but this is pretty bad......


my goddady email not open