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Potentional phishing email?

Hi Forum,

I have just received the email below. (From this email address I can't see any alert related to it in my go daddy account, so I assume it's phishing? I wanted to double check as this is my work email and I NEED it to continue to work! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,


GoDaddy Webmail

We will temporarily limit access to your mail account
within 24hours of this notification. This is due to breech
of agreement.

Resolve issue to prevent account termination

Follow the above link to resolve issue.

GoDaddy Webmail Team

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Re: Potentional phishing email?

Those scammers get smasher each day @mmckinley. This certainly looks like a scam to me by both the email address (legitimate GoDaddy emails will be from and URL (you can expect GoDaddy links to addresses). 


I actually encourage users not to click links from emails as best practice. Should anyone get emails like this do not click the link(s) provided. Do like @mmckinley did and go login your account at should you think there is a issue with your account. Do not let hidden links get you into trouble. Check out Reporting Malware and Phishing and notify GoDaddy about emails like this. Reporting kinds of messages help GoDaddy to protect others in our Community. Thanks you for sharing! 


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Re: Potentional phishing email?

Most organizations provide a simple email address to which we can forward suspected phishing emails.  I can't seem to find one on the GoDaddy site - quite disappointing.  GoDaddy: Please make this easier for your customers!


Alternatively if anyone knows where to find such an email address would be grateful if you could share!

Re: Potentional phishing email?

Here's the text copied from another phishing mail involving godaddy, received today. 

I removed the hypertext and bogus URL to avoid anyone accidentally clicking on it!


Review unusual activity for verification of your GoDaddy account.


(check mark) Verify GoDaddy

GoDaddy Service




Re: Potentional phishing email?

That is a definite phishing email!

It is almost word-for-word compared to an email our users got today.  Unfortunately, several of them entered username/password.


We changed all passwords on the accounts.  If you think your users may have clicked it and entered the info, then do the same.


My only problem at this point is I've noticed changing the account password does not expire/logoff an active Web Email Workspace  session.


-PM. Ring