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Region Change

Dear All

I would like to move all emails plans, and domains to one reigon, how to do this because when I tried to use some services such as add email, I got this message " the Email Plan(s) for other addresses of the same domain are in a different region. Move all other email and/or forwarding addresses to plan(s) within the same region."


Community Manager

Hi @Alwabel. Our Workspace Email plans can be set up in one of 3 regions:

  • US (United States)
  • EU (Europe)
  • AP (Asia-Pacific)

You can switch the region of a Workspace Email plan using the instructions in this Help Center article.


Note:  If you change the region of on email plan, you may also need to update the domain's MX Records to work with the new plan. Here are the MX Records each plan needs: 

  • US
  • EU
  • AP

Hope that helps. 


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