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Renew Email without renewing domain

First, I'll apologize if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find an answer I quite understood. I do not have a large technical vocabulary, so anyone that can help me in plain English would be great.  So here's my issue: I have renewals for three products coming up, and they are listed as follows:


Personal Email (email plan 1)

Mini online storage

The domain itself


My question is this: can I renew just my personal email, and not the domain to keep access to my current email address? I don't really use the domain anymore, but do use the email. If I just renew the email only, and let the domain expire I don't want to lose access to my emails. Any help would be helpful.





Hey @kize


Is the domain being used on the same email address? (IE


Reason I ask is it is possible to renew just the email address, but without the domain the address is setup for it can't function. If you still want the email address to be able to send and receive messages, the domain should also be renewed so it can exist for the DNS zone records to point to your email address.


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