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SMTP Using my Domain

Hi.  I have a domain that is registered through GoDaddy.  I would like to use that domain for an email address to be the sender for my scanner (ie: scanner@<>).  The scanner does not have an SMTP server but I see there are email options on GoDaddy that I could add to my domain.

I also know that Office 365 business doesn't allow SMTP sending for this kind of thing (I tried that with my Office 365 business account) and Gmail used to but no longer does.  When I look at the GoDaddy email options, there's an Outlook icon at the top.  If GoDaddy's email services are powered by Office 365  business, then that won't work for me.  

Can anyone give me guidance on how to setup an email address using my GoDaddy registered domain such that whatever I setup includes an SMTP server that will allow me to send mail from my scanner? 



Hello @TLMG ,


Glad you're here as part of the Community!  I apologize for the late response.  I had done some research on this, but I think the best place to start is with what brand of scanner you have.  I searched Google for " how to send mail with my scanner ", and a few articles popped up.  Please let us know if this helped and post which article gave you the solution.  Have a great weekend ! 🤗

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