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SO FRUSTRATED: Setting up a distribution group for company mailing list

Hi,  What I am trying to do is the following:

(i) I have email accounts set up for my business at a certain domain (workspace not office365)

(ii) I am trying to beable to email one email address and have it sent to all the email addresses in the group. I would prefer people not on the list to not beable to send to address


So I tried a distribution group. Couldn't do it because the emails were workspace. Called customer service. They were nice but had no idea what to do. They basically told me there was nothing that could be done. Took 45 mins. 


So I tried to set up a new email address and use one of the 5 unused forwards I had on the account

Wouldn't let me use any forwarders . 

So I tried to "migrate" my email address and accounts to office 365.  The link godaddy provided is busted.

I went to find a help option that didnt require sitting on phone for an hour as I have meetings.  No luck


I am so frustrated I am considering moving everything to another hosting site.  The help is non existant outside of the phone (which I am too busy today to sit on hold). Theres broken links in the help itself. And no one seems to beable to guide me how to do this seemingly simple task.


 Thanks in advance. 



Hi @Blackhead ,


My apologies for the late response and welcome.  Glad you are here as part of the Community!   Were you able to get your emails migrated over to Office 365? I'm going to post a help link we have in case you decided to stay with workspace email : Setting up a Distribution list in Workspace Email 

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