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Sening an email alert to all of our customers


I have a database table with a customer contact list that we use on our current host to send an email to the entire list once every three weeks. The list is currently approx 3500 users. I am setting up hosting here on GoDaddy and I am wondering if I am going to have any issues with sending this volume of emails with our new Windows Deluxe hosting.  I did search but came up empty. Thank you in advance for any help. Steve


Hey @Flight23,


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In theory what you're asking is possible, but it would depend on a few other unknown factors.


By default our cPanel/Plesk shared hosting plans have a relay limit of 500 messages per hour, so you wouldn't be able to send out the alert all at once to all 3500 contacts. That would also delay any other outgoing messages your hosting account is trying to generate and send out. This would likely be okay if this was just a one time notification you were sending. 


However, if this alert was intended to be part of a regular campaign then it would probably be better idea to consider using something like our GoDaddy Email Markerting services instead. 


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