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Sent Emails being pulled into recipients junk and spam

I am having a recent issue where emails I'm sending are being pulled into the recipients junk/bulk mail. I do not use my address or domain for mass marketing.


This is quite harmful to my business as I work in real estate, and am quite often doing lead follow up, or responding to consumer requests and they are not getting the information I'm sending, and this it's costing me money.


Any suggestions? Thanks! 

Helper II

Hello, it might be your email has not met the requirements of their mail server. What is the email they are using? I think you are sending an email to a google mail user right? 

gmail and hotmail seem to have the most issues, however it's happened on other servers as well

You need to comply with Google and Hotmail email requirement. If you fail about these requirements then your email will be sent to their spam folder. I have some useful information about how to fix this.
Go here:

(The link is not intended for advertising... all I want is to help... I dont have any direct affiliation with the link above).


If you need further help... please let me know...

Thank you, I will check through and see if there are any steps I'm missing, however I am quite certain I am in compliance. 

Alright thanks! Let me us know if you need more further help...