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Skype for Business PSTN Licenses

Hi there,

I recently got my Office 365 through GoDaddy which seems to work ok apart from a feature we wanted to use with Skype for Business.  With a direct Microsoft subscription you can buy add-on licenses including PSTN dialing for Skype for Business. Basically the ability to create a Conference call using Skype and give out regular dial in numbers depending what country the user is calling from.


It seems this additional addon on can't be had if the subscription is through GoDaddy - UNLESS someone out there can help?


See link below for further info.





Hey @andybevans,


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Unfortunately that is going to be a draw back with our Office 365 plans currently as we can't sell license add-ons. If you absolutely need that feature, then a direct subscription with Microsoft is currently the only to get it at this time. 


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This is a very unfortunate constraint as the voice connectivity of Skype is an excellent feature.  Is there any plan to allow use of this in the future?

Are there any plans to add the full capability of the Office 365 licenses provided through GoDaddy?


It would have been helpful to know the limitations BEFORE having signed up with all of these accounts.  License Add-ons have to be added to an account purchased directly through Microsoft.  They can't be added to the GoDaddy limited licenses we are stuck with.

This is so disappointing.  This should have been mentioned upfront.  


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Hey everyone. Just wanted to update here to let you know that it is now possible to add subscription services to your Office 365 accounts. This is still disabled by default, but it can be enabled with a request. In order to have this feature enabled, you'll need to speak with our customer care team


Keep in mind that while this is avialble for many services, the Skype for Business features mentioned in the original post are only available on the Enterprise version of Office 365, which GoDaddy does not currently offer. 


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Thanks Jesse, I have a couple of additional questions.

Is this documented anyplace?

And can you confirm the Audio Conferencing add-on licenses is available? 

The Enterprise license does included Audio Conferencing but it is also available as a standalone add-on license that could/should be used and supported with the Business version of O365 sold by GD.

Yes please answer.... "Audio Conferencing but it is also available as a standalone add-on license that could/should be used and supported with the Business version of O365 sold by GD."

Jesse, I am too a GD subscriber of O365 and we are growing so that we need to be able to access the Audio Conferencing add on for Teams.  Can you tell me if that's possible.  We're not looking for a PSTN add on to make our PC's phones but to only add the Audio conferencing into our O365 account.  If we have to migrate our O365 directly to Microsoft to get this feature we will.  It won't be pleasant but my alternative is to add 10 $348/yr WebEx accounts and that's too much.


I have a Premium Plan.  I was advised that the Office 365 versions through GoDaddy are cut down versions.  Can you please advise:

(a)  Is this correct

(b)  If so, what features are excluded from user accounts.



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This is one of the issues that we ran into as well, we needed to connect our AD and Cisco call manager to the 365 Tenant so we could setup the Skype Connector, and route our Cisco PBX to Skype PBX.


We found out that Godaddy locks your features to these services down, and since they do not have the ability to sell the same, you are just out of luck period, unless you go through a painful with drawl from GD, which by the way as far as there so call Email and Office Product, I highly suggest that you do it  very quickly get GD out of the mix, all there other products go to go, but not this one!!!


Unfortunately Godaddy's Office 365 is not the enterprise version accounts.  I believe that with Microsoft you have to have the E5 account to use the PSTN calling features, and Godaddy does not offer those accounts.  I had to break down and buy a separate account from Microsoft and share it between multiple users in order to use pstn dialing.  We're working on a plan to move away from Godaddy for this reason.  It's very short sighted of them to not offer these, because any client of theirs who is successful, will outgrow them without these features... just as we are.


I have about 50 email accounts and I'm having to move them to Month to month as they come up for renewal, in preparation of a complete migration that I am not looking forward to.