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A client using godaddy hosting for their website, and godaddy email is finding that is blacklisting - get this - calendar invites *only*. 


As I understand the process, the ISP with the blacklisted server is required to contact to remove the blacklisted status (according to SH).


So, how does one reach the correct person at GoDaddy to get this process started?


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @txwv, your client will need to contact our live support team to have that IP reviewed.  The agent that assists, will get the IP up to the proper team to have that unblock requested.  Thanks.  



Thanks for the response. I tried that already, and was told they could not help, but for me to take this up with the server/hosting team.  The server hosting team is pay per incident, and I see no help or chat functions. Moreover, the issue is not with hosting, although the client does have a website hosted with GD.  The issue is with, which is the GD SMTP shared server.

Just wow. Spamhaus blocking secureserver is almost as bad as Sprint blocking calls to 911. Insane.

What's worse is that Godaddy is apparently USING spamhaus's DNSBL at a firewall level to block traffic to their email servers. Was notified today from several providers that godaddy is rejecting mail based on this service. So in a nutshell, you don't even have the opportunity to see if the email is spam. Godaddy seems to trust the service implicitly to determine who is spam and who isn't. I'll be moving my domains, very soon.