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The email setup guild is not working for my Route53 existing DNS.

I bought an email service Yesterday from Godaddy.

And I tried to setup DNS but it is not working.

And called C/S he told me, I had to separate entries. 

For example TXT entries

But it is impossible to add same entries on Route 53


Name TXT Value
@ D960111
@ v=spf1 -all



I am not sure it is a proper guide.


TXT records and MX records have two entries for each.

But it is impossible to add same entries.


there is an existing entry




Hello @Robert72 ,


Thanks for joining the Community. Welcome!  To answer your question, email set-up can be tricky because several factors can come into play that require additional, but easy, steps to complete set up. Questions I have to help solve the issue:


1. Is your domain and website hosting with Godaddy too? 
2. Do you have an existing different email service on the Route53 domain?

3. Are you setting up Office 365 email or Workspace email?


Also, if you are ok with it, what is your actual domain name? 

Answering these questions will help us here get you the answers you need 😁

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1. No

2. No.

3. Not sure, professional email 





there are two entries from your guide.


two TXT for @

two MX for @


same entries @ for each TXT, MX is not working at Route53

Hi @Robert72 ,


I did some digging to sort out what you have where, but I’m confused about Route53.  What is that exactly? However, your domain name is uisocket, and that’s what I researched.  If you had any existing email on that domain, that will be stopped so you can add the new records.  There should be only one set of MX records, and the other set would be deleted.  You may need to contact your current domain company to help you sort out what their default email records are so you can delete them.  Then add the records according to the prompt you showed me in the screenshot, give it some set-up time ( which can be anywhere from 20 minutes-24 hours) , then do an email test.  Please let us know if this solved your issue. 👍🏻

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There was no MX record, 

Just godaddy's guide request two entries..

An the record was edited more than 4 hours ago.

But the record was guided by GoDaddy.

And as I wrote, before I am checking the result,

I could not add TXT, MX as your guide.

Because your guide read two I wrote.

Two MX records for  @

and Two TXT records @.

It does not make sense.. I could not follow your guide..


@Robert72 ,


What I strongly encourage you to do in this case is contact Amazon web hosting because they are your domain and hosting provider.  Let your customer service rep know that you need to add a TXT record to the domain and whatever else the instructions say.  Regretfully, I cannot access any account information for you.  After this is done, your CSR should be able to help you identify any default Email records that exist so you’re not accidentally affecting your website records.  Hope I have guided you in the right direction, and have a good night ☺️. 

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Route53 is DNS service by Amazon Web Service..

Many people use it around the world.

It is not about DNS problem. It is your guide problem.

YOU TOLD ME, I could not use two entries..




ROUTE53 prevent two entries systematically, As you mentioned..

All are right, 

ONLY your guide TELL wrong things..

So fix them and let me know the right guide.




Can you raise this issue more seriously?

You have to tell your manager.

Godaddy could lose many users.

I am also a kind of expert for 20 yrs IT software domain.

Hi @Robert72 , 


I feel your concern.  If you’d like, you may call in to our customer support to verify that the information we have given you is correct.  

Sales and Support available 24/7 via phone or chat

I moved to rackspace, the guide worked for me from rackspace.

Can you cancel my service?


@Robert72 ,

Sorry to hear that our service didn’t work out for you.  Please call into customer service so they can assist you with canceling the email.  

Sales and Support available 24/7 via phone or chat

my actual domain is :

my setting is:

MX record and TXT record can not be added more..




I added CNAME guided by sendgrid . for sending mail.

You can also check them.

At the above capture.

There is no email setup.

This is first email setup.

If you cannot solve them, I will remove sendgrid setup though it is not related with MX record .. 

I am not sure so, I will remove it now..

Just removed all the sendgrid CNAMES...