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Trash folder auto-purged (emptied) even though I had it set to "never"

 I'm using Workspace Email.  I prefer to have it set to Classic View.


Today, I discovered there are only three messages in my trash folder, all dated five days ago.  There ought to be hundreds.  The trash folder appears to have purged.  I did not purge it.  I had Auto-Purge set to "Purge messages older than 365 days."


This is the second time this happened; I contacted support about my trash folder purging mail older than 1 week a few months ago.  Then, I had it set to Auto-Purge:  Never.  The support technician reset my mailbox to a few days prior, but the purging did not stop.  I changed my setting to Auto-Purge 365 days at that time.


Any idea why my trash is purging? I've been using GoDaddy Workspace Webmail for a long time; I'm not a newbie, and I know the difference between "purge" and "delete."  I have no filters that could be causing purging.  I have no auto purge list in settings.  I have the interface toolbar set up to make it difficult to accidentally purge emails. 


I don't want my trash to purge; I am paying for unlimited storage for a reason!  Am I going to have to set up an "archive" folder to move my messages to, and treat Trash as the new Purge?



Did you ever get this fixed? I have the same issue and no one seams to know how to fix it.

Nope. It’s a recurring problem.