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Trying to setup my email to be "sent mail as" from Gmail and continue to get error

I am entering everything properly and continue to get the same error. I set it up to receive  my GoDaddy email through Gmail and that worked fine, but when setting it up to send my go daddy email through Gmail, I keep getting the error that the authentication failed.

I am using with port 465 and SSL checked

Any ideas?


Hi @kelliorta

Welcome to our forums! Please check out this existing thread, regarding the same issue that you are experiencing. Hopefully it will help resolve your problem. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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@charminglygeeky, I had actually already read that thread, and unfortunatley it was of no help. Any other ideas? I just tried to set it up the smtp part again, and it still is giving me the error.