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UK Postal address needed for a Customer Complaint

Can anyone provide me with the name of whoever is in charge of GoDaddy UK and a postal address? I am SO frustrated and angry with GoDaddy support and my never ending and increasingly worse problems sending e-mail. I am on a cPanel platform and ALL they want to do is sell me Office 365 (which I do not want and cannot afford). 


I feel I have no other option than to raise a formal complaint and ask someone with authority to get someone to look at the problem and get it fixed!


thank you.



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We are end users like you - so I'm not sure if anyone will have this information. 


If you can provide some information about your issue with your cPanel email perhaps we can help point you in the right direction or provide some suggestions

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Getting Started

I now have proof the problem lies with GoDaddy.

I still need an address for GoDaddy UK AND a name.because I am considering taking legal action to get someone with authority and power to kick some backsides in GoDaddy support - who are utterly useless - to fix THEIR problem.

I will create a post to show others who suspect a problem with GoDaddy SMTP servers, how I have gathered proof of my issue.

In the meantime, has anyone any idea of an address and name I can write to?


This gives the UK head office and some names of directors:

Getting Started

Of course. Good thinking and thank you.