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Webmail Disable Delete Emails Add SENT/RECvd Stats and Bug Reports


Disable Delete

  Emails cannot be deleted but accounts can be deleted all messages erased

Add SENT/RECvd Stats and Bug Reports button

Option to disable right click feature and other features for faster/html webmail

Fix the E-Cards

Foreign Language Support


I am new to the community page but I hate godaddy because my website was hacked in 2007 and they practically lost all my web data like 5 times so I have a suggestion instead of deleting your clients data and preventing them from accessing their data perhaps you can auto migrate data to upgrade plan.


PS I search the community for webmail and get nothing and my reply function is disabled. <<Content removed. Refer to Community Guidelines for posting.>>スクリーンショット_2019-10-11_08-17-54.pngスクリーンショット_2019-10-11_08-22-02.png