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What's the best way to get assistance when e-mail is down?

Can anyone give me suggestions for how to get assistance?


I've been working for two days to try to get e-mail service working again after our migration to 365.  There are two issues I'm trying to get assistance on.  First several of the migrations failed, the account is transferred, but no e-mails, contacts, or calendar are brought over.  The second is we can send, but not receive e-mail from any of our accounts.  E-mails are not arriving on the old or the new interface.


I've tried chatting online, they referred me around to the various chat options online until eventually telling me I needed to call.  I called on the phone and was told the migration team would follow up with me.  I received an e-mail saying my request was received and I would receive a response within 72 hours.  I called again hoping to reach someone in the team that would be able to discuss what was going on and get an estimate, but the agent I talked to said I had to wait to here back.


At this point I'll be shocked if I'm not fired, and if I were my boss I would definitely fire me.  Two days of outage and I can't even reach someone who is involved in solving the problem.  I understand technical issues take time, I just want to have communication be prompt.


Hello @Ben3,


Thank you for your post. I certainly hope you won't be fired! The best way to reach support is by phone. Usually, once an issue that's been escalated is resolved, they reach out directly to you by email. I hope you've heard something from us on this already. If not, go ahead and give support a call.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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