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Workspace email PDF attachments

I use the Chrome browser to access my Workspace email.  I get many PDF attachment in my inbox.  I cannot READ the PDF without downloading the attachments.  I can do this easily in gmail or other email.  I can also READ the PDF without downloading if I change to the FireFox browser.  Any suggestions on how to READ my PDF attachments (without downloading) in the Chrome browser. (Some office machines will not allow downloads and/or may not have FireFox installed.) HELP.

((Screendump from Firefox attached below.))


Community Manager

Hi @Elizabeth5. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I played around with this but couldn't find a way to force Chrome to give the option to open the file. Typically, you can do this by just opening the link in a new tab. That usually works. However, due to the way this page is coded, it doesn't look like that's possible. I'm not certain there would be a way around this, except maybe using a different email client. Hopefully, others will have additional suggestions. Sorry Man Sad 


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