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actual email account

In the account page.

In the top horizontal div element there is a html link.

that does have the words "set up e mail"

the page that, that links to

at the "bottom of that page"
"above" the create button

there is a div box with a grayish background with the words: "I understand" with a check box placed to the left.

with two statements below the "i understand" statement , the two other statements are:

When my trial period ends on July 27 2019 i will be billed 59.88 (plus taxes)/ year.

I can cancel at any time before July 27 2019 and i wont be charged.

Has any one else had problems with this "type of" communication for the email account that "could be" associated with the virtual products package.

Is this "actually" "the" email account that is actually associated with the actual vertual products package purchase.

Am i wrong to assume that godaddy places virtual products in an account for a customer to use and inadvertently purchase.

After the initial purchase and logging into the account hassle. i wonder what is next.

Yes i can see that there are two seperate links to set up a email account.

I am new to the whole godaddy environment.

In consideration of the layout and placement of virtual products.

I am trying to figure out what actually is associated with what was purchased and what is not and is placed in the account as items that would be charged to a bank account of which "were not intended" for as a "conscious purchase".

There "seems" to be a double listing of items. Is this just another education in patience and tolerance.

In the account there is a horizontal div element, inside of this div element towards the top of the page with the words: "Build a web site -free month available-, set up an email account, connect to an existing site, add privacy " in its div element borders.

Below that horizontal div there is a list of items with what appears to be a title as Web Hosting with list of items as linux hosting with c panel, email and office, ssl certificates, website security and backups, additional products

Thank you